Anjoo Chandiramani

Not only an outstanding clinician but also a great human being totally committed to his profession and to the wellness of patients.

Guest Story 

I would like to share this story about Dr.V.R.Joshi a well known senior, practicing rheumatologist. He is not only a good clinician but also a very humane doctor.

I happened to come across this doctor when we had to take our friend's son for a diagnosis. The patient was an engineering student ; a non smoker, non alcoholic and a fitness fan regularlyy going for martial art sessions and staying with his widowed mother and brother.

One day he started complaining about pain in the neck and right arm. He went to his family physician and was prescribed painkillers and certain exercises for some weeks. This gave some temporary relief but not much improvement. Family physician suggested he consult an orthopedic doctor, who took history, particularly if he had injured himself. The patient did not much injury as he was careful. X-rays of shoulder, neck region were suggested. Some inflammation was discovered and a different set of anti inflammatory drugs along with physiotherapy were prescribed. The patient was expected to get better in some weeks. This went on for a couple of weeks. The patient got relief, of and on, but the problem continued.

Without returning to ortho, we thought we would show him to another consultant. Friends suggested Dr.V.R.Joshi's name. He was a praciticing rheumatologist, an elderly doctor. Uunfortunately his schedule was completely booked for 3 months and the patient needed attention at the earliest. We took the help of a medical representative (MR) at Hinduja Hospital. As the case was urgent without any improvement, the MR asked us to come during the OPD timings to check, in case there was a cancellation of another patient’s appointment.

We wen to the hospital... there appeared to be no chance to meet the good doctor for 3 months. As a MR he asked for an appointment and got one.

MR spoke to Dr.V.R.Joshi over the intercom and the doctor asked him to wait till lunch time. He would see what is to be done.

At lunch break, we got a call from the doctor’s . When we met him, he just needed to glance at the patient, took history, and read reports. After a glance he gave a note for the radiologist for chest xray and told us to ask the radiologist to not wait for the report but to immediately phone him back.

Doctor had realised the gravity of the situation and went ahead with diagnosis!

All this took only a matter of minutes. After lunch he called the radiologist to urgently send reports to him.

He asked us to wait and said that he will tell us what the findings.

Before he started his post lunch consultation, he got the report from the radiologist and called us in and told us to urgently show the patient to not to waste any time and go the one particular doctor. He felt that that doctor would be the right person to treat this patient.

When we went to the Dr.Advani, an oncologist, it turned out to be small cell carcinoma of the lung !

What I admire about Dr.V.R.Joshi that inspite of having a tightly packed schedule, he took the time off to see the patient during the lunch break. It had nothing to do with his area of specialization! The fact that he did not waste any time in confirming his suspicions and referred the patient to the right doctor for immediate treatment shows his human approach to helping patients to get better.

The lesson learnt from this incident shows an outstanding clinician and his commitment to his profession.