mansi singh

My Dad's Saviour

Back when I was 11 years old my father used to be unwell and I was too young to know why he was sick.I remember him always being in bed ,not being able to sit up on his own let alone walking.Recently i was talking to my mother,i told her about my sprained ankle which had been troubling me,she immediately consulted Dr.Mukherjee and got back to me with the name of a drug which made my pain go away instantly.I was no longer sulking and complaining over my ankle pain thanks to Dr.Mukherjee!
I told my mom that I was feeling much better and that I was so grateful to Dr.Mukherjee that I wanted to thank him personally.That is when my mother told me that Dr Mukherjee was the same doctor who had treated my father in his illness,since I never knew the reason for my father's illness I pressed my mother to let me know since I was old enough now.
My mother told me that my father had serious complications in his spinal cord which restricted his mobility.It was crucial for him to even walk from the bedroom to the living room.Every time he used to attempt walking he would experience excruciating pain in his back.
My parents had frequented so many doctors that they were getting tired of it now,my father's medical reports had been sent to a renowned hospital in Mumbai and the doctors had suggested to operate him,they had even implied that if my father was not operated immediately he would not be able to walk for the rest of his life.Even the thought of it brought tears to my mother's eyes,then one day one of her close friend told her about Dr.Mukherjee, he was an orthopaedic specialist.
With little hope my mother took my father to him.The doctor closely inspected my father's spinal cord,his previous reports and his X-rays.He told my parents that he would have to inject a mixture of drugs in his spinal cord,he also did not give my parents false hope and said that if the procedure was not conducted with precision my father would never be able to walk again.It was a very difficult decision for my parents to make,with my father's life at stake.
My parents decided to go on with the surgery.On such a short notice Dr Mukherjee gathered a team of orthopaedic specialists to assist him for the procedure.The procedure took 5 hours and was indeed performed with precision.It was a success.My father recovered in a month's time, soon he could sit up and walk on his own again, like he once used to.
My mother tells me that to this day whenever she recalls the day she finally saw my father walk on his own again' it brings tears of joy to her eyes.Dr.Mukherjee had come into my father's life and altered it forever,the whole experience had been a miracle in the lives of my parents.My mother and I will forever be grateful to him for his considerable input in helping my father regain his ability to stand up on his feet again.All my father says now is that the world needs more doctors like my doctor,Dr. Mukherjee-the-saviour!