A Ringside Seat - 3 Dr.Ravin L. Thatte

A Ringside Seat - 3

Dr.Ravin L. Thatte

Like Scheherazade, of Arabian Nights fame, I could tell a story each night for a thousand and one nights! Once I had an underworld criminal imploring me to operate on his wife's nose which I was most reluctant to do. In the end, I obliged. Within a matter of weeks the man was back on my doorsteps demanding a 50 per cent refund of the fees he had been charged. He was not imploring, but  threatening. I returned the whole amount and let him know that if he bothered me again, I will have to inform the police.

-In the famous tandoori case, a child, barely three years old, fell into a tandoori pit at night as the family slept. The embers were still glowing and when the child was pulled out, it had 30 per cent deep burns. He survived, though, but only after a 6-week fight. He lost parts of his fingers and toes but has grown into an otherwise healthy young man and is presently studying to be an accountant!

The practice of medicine and surgery allows one to have a glimpse of human nature in its panaromic range. One needs to be a little detached to savour the experience. In the beginning, it seemed like a burden and sometimes affected my work. With the passage of time, I have got used to the events that unfold with a degree of monotony. The element of surprise and shock is muted and one almost anticipates the future. It is like having a ringside seat in an amphitheatre to watch an intimate drama unfolding right in front of one's eyes. One sometimes sheds a tear but learns mostly to smile and to laugh at human folly.

Compilation of professional reminiscences of specialists - edited by M.V.Kamath and Dr.Rekha Karmarkar