Mahima Goyal


Guest Story,
That was the worst day of my life. Incidents like this lowers our self esteem. I tried my best but was unable to save the mother at the time of her delivery. Her condition was critical,only one of them could be saved,  either the child or the mother. I called the best of the doctors and we formed a team to make the operation successful. 
       It was 3 at midnight as the bulb turned red. The operation began. We all were very tensed. I headed the team and so was under great pressure. We already had our plan and penned down the stages that we had to follow. We began the operation at a slower pace and continued.The experts we called from Delhi had a great team and helped me to handle the opression well but unfortunately mother's situation got worse at the end of the surgery. She had shed alot of blood and was loosing her consciousness. With our fingers crossed we all hoped for the best. 
               There was a loud cry in the room as the baby was out. Mother's red eyes filled with tears of joy as she whispered her last words "God is great.Thank you Doctor" and placed a gentle kiss on baby's forehead. 
     Minutes later her body went cold and she died. Mother gave her life and gave newborn a life. A mother undergoes valley's of pain during her pregnancy. This pain is even more worse than the pain she gets in those 9 months.I truly salute a mother for her sacrifice. 
        Her last words helped me regain hope in myself. I'll remember those words throughout my life. Such gentle words of patients help us to work with more dedication and give our best.