mansi singh

A Fiery Escape

"Be careful with the utensil. It has hot water and you may end up in a hospital bed with an inadequately injured and burnt stomach”, Said Mrs Thomas alarming her 16 year old granddaughter. "Oh come on grandma, a bowl of warm water has no potential to hospitalize anyone” replied Karina with a spark of laughter. "If a bowl of hot rajma can engender detrimental effects,I am quite certain a bowl of hot water can do worse”, replied Mrs Thomas. Her voice was subtle and this time it compelled Karina to raise an eyebrow. "I am not sure I understand grandma”, said Karina in a queer manner.

Mrs Thomas looked out of the window and shifted her glance towards the sky and began........ I was 52 years old working as a warden in R.R Shravika Aashram,Mumbai. It was one of the hottest Sundays of 1998. Shortly after I finished lunch and was about to enter my room I heard a loud scream emanating from the staff quarters which caught my attention.I rushed downstairs following the scream. I was bewildered to discern  Madhu and her 5 year old baby girl lying on the floor of the hostel mess the door of which was left open.

Madhu was the head cook of our college canteen. Each and every student as well as the other staff knew her owing to the magic that she created with her food. On one fine Sunday afternoon she decided to cook rajma for lunch. As soon as she had finished cooking she put the rajma off the stove.She had a 5 year old daughter Tara. Madhu’s husband often used to travel for work. While Madhu was busy washing clothes, Tara who was always busy playing and gamboling around was curious to find out Mamma’s recipe but fate had horrifying plans for Tara as she ended up falling flat on the patila full of scorching hot rajma. Her entire lower body was severely burnt and injured leaving absolutely no chance of survival. As soon as Madhu entered the kitchen following a scream she was so badly affected on witnessing the dreadful panorama that she lost consciousness.

Following the mishap i sprinkled few droplets of water on Madhu which helped her regain consciousness. The poor mother gathered courage and wrapped her baby girl in a blanket. Tara was rushed immediately to Kasturba government  hospital. A brief yet skilled team  of doctors were shortly called to scrutinize the condition of the girl  and as a result Tara was ushered in the icu in just a couple of minutes.

Tara’s skin below her navel was very badly burnt. The organs were severely effected and the fact that she was a 5 year old was certainly not helping. Dr. Ramesh Agarwal  was an experienced skin specialist of Kasturba hospital.He was known for his success rate in surgeries, but his demeanor was more of a friend with his patients than a doctor. It was no surprise that every doctor referred him as a life savior. Tara was lucky to have Dr.Ramesh as the leading surgeon in her case.

In a span of 3 months time following several series of operations including complex plastic surgeries Tara was treated successfully with utmost care and delicateness  under the skilled hands of Dr Ramesh. What was once an almost impossible affair now seemed very much achievable.Tara could walk and run exhibiting her toothless smile.

After hearing the whole incident Karina was left bewildered.She now knew that she always had to keep her grandma's advice in mind and be careful whenever it came to boiling hot water!