mansi singh

A second chance at life

 Guest Story
She was delivering her third baby in the Jeevan Jyoti Hospital. Dr. Agarwal delivered the baby safely.But after 3-4 hours everything was numb, the baby won't cry anymore, it was dead. The mother was in immense pain. The pain of despair of losing a child was greater than her physical pain.The father was devasted and decided to take things to the court, he wanted justice for his dead child. He was sad depressed and angry as to why and how his newly born child had died in just a matter of hours. 
Then came another trauma,the mother had terrible complications with the delivery was immediately shifted to another hospital called Manik Hospital. There she was treated by doctor Rishabh  Saxena who was trying his best to make her  pain go away but he failed miserably every time. He suggested that for the mother to survive they would have to conduct a surgery and remove her uterus but the chances of survival would be less than 1%.
But as they say miracles happen, after the surgery she was kept under observation and after 48 hours she was out of the woods. She was kept in the hospital for another month, where she was supplied with blood everyday. She had been supplied 65 bottles of blood in a month's time!
Everyone thanked Dr. Rishabh for giving the mother a second chance at life. The husband was delighted and couldn't thank the doctor enough for his generosity and efforts.The mother of two now leads a happy and a healthy life thanks to Dr. Rishabh who took the right decision at the right time. 
Saloni Khandelwal