My gynaecologist

Hey guys im kudrat from Chandigarh. So basically i want to share my experience with you all about my gyane DR. Rupinder kaur cheema , she is such a humble lady that she listened to all my problems and  peacfully and treated me so well. As girls generlly dont open with gaynes that much but i opnely talkd to her about all that i suffered from, it was really hard at once but once my doctor made me feel comfortable about the same i felt amazing as all that i needed was a little comfort to open up and share my problems. She made me understand that it was very normal and how each and everyone suffers from some or the other problems and one has to be open and okay with not just about the disease but also to be able to talk and discuss about it, diseases are a part of human body and one cannot be relieved from it, she also explained me that to talk about the disease is important to know what we need to follow and as to what we need to wat drink etc . 
Our mental and physical health playd equal role and to know what you are supposed to follow our doctors can guide us better.
she taught me how to open up with a doctor, for them to help you.