Jay Chheda

An Ocean of kindness..

An Ocean of kindness
So this goes back around 8 years ago, when I and my family had met with an accident. We were traveling on a bike and suddenly bike losses it’s balance and gets on a divider (the middle path of the road). We were then taken to the hospital. 
Our treatment started with immediate effect and doctor sent us for all tests. There were not many injuries to me so I was discharged with in 48 hours. But my dad and mom were still in unwell condition, being a small child I was scared to see them in such a condition. 
This came into the notice of doctor, he consulted me, he was always there with me. He knew as a child it would be difficult for me to see my parents in such a condition. He used to eat lunch with me, take me for a walk in evening if he had free time. He was there with me as a friend who would make every way possible to watch me smile. 
My parents were also now well and ready to get discharge. So I narrated the whole thing to my parents and they were so great full to the doctor. 
They were thank full to the doctor for taking care of me when my parents were not in a proper condition. We then invited doctor for a dinner to our home and now we are family then just a doctor-patient relation. 
 This is how my doctor was an Ocean of kindness for me.