mansi singh


Guest Story
Everyone has that one childhood memory that becomes a nightmare for them and haunts them for the rest of their lives. My brother is 18 years old and has this phobia which prevents him from going near electric devices like irons and water pump motors in particular and I know where it comes from.
My brother was just 4 years old at the time of this horrifying incident. It was a school holiday so the both of us were at home, mother was downstairs in the washing area doing her laundry like usual when my 4 year old brother Krishna got down the stairs and ran towards the water pump motor which was running. As it is said children let their curiosity explore the world for them, Krishna was as curious as ever and grabbed the water pump's wire and as soon as he did a lethal amount of current ran through his tiny body and he turned blue he couldn't let go of the wire, he was trapped and needed someone to rescue him or he could die.My mother suddenly heard a vague whimper and rushed out of the washing area to see what had gone wrong. She was shaken to her core by what her eyes had just witnessed. She rushed to her son's rescue but little did she know that she would get tossed to the ground because of the current and so she did because her clothes were drenched in water from all the washing. 
Fortunately a neighbor living next door saw what had happened and without delay grabbed a thick wooden stick and swung it around Krishna's tiny hand which held the wire. In just a matter of seconds such a horrendous thing had happened. The neighbor was a medical student whose father was a doctor at a nearby hospital.He rushed Krishna to the hospital and immediately asked for his father's help.My mother and I frantically followed him. The doctor, Mr. Anil Gupta rushed him inside the operation theater and checked Krishna's pulse, a defibrillator could not be used to revive Krishna's heartbeat because he was too young to bear its impact so the doctor immediately performed C. P. R to revive his breathing.Due to his presence of mind Krishna's breathing and heartbeat were revived within a few seconds. Dr. Anil kept him under strict observation for a couple of days before he was finally fit to go home. On the day of Krishna's discharge he came to say goodbye and further instructed my parents to be very careful the next time and not let anyone loiter near the water motor without wearing rubber slippers. That day even God couldn't have saved Krishna if he wasn't given immediate attention by the doctor . Dr. Anil had not just saved Krishna's lives but had also prevented our hearts from breaking. In our family Krishna is pampered and adored by everyone as he is the youngest amongst us siblings.To this day we go to the same doctor whenever anyone in our family is unwell and Dr. Anil is as kind and thoughtful as ever. 
Pooja Agarwal