Mahima Goyal

Small help, great achievement!

Guest Story,
I am Devansh Bansal,  a 20 year old volleyball player. I have represented my college at various state and national level volleyball tournaments. Its something that I think to opt as my career.
    On 15/02/2018 was my Petrocup volleyball tournament. I was the captian of my team. Our practice was on with full pace. A day before my tournament,  I got sprain in my knee while practicing.The pain was immense and I was unable to stand on my feet. My teammates rushed me to the hospital nearby. The doctor did the dressing and suggested to take rest for couple of days. The thought of not being able to play tomorrows match was more painful than the sprain in my leg. I pleaded to doctor to allow me to play tomorrows match and give me some pain killers for a day! I even promised to take rest for week after match!
      The doctor seeing my despiration gave me an ointment which can give me a temporary relief and could be applied before tournament. He also strictly advised me to take complete rest after my match. I was on seventh cloud and extremely happy that i will be able to play the match for which I have been practicing since so long.
       The tournament was a success. My team won the trophy. That ointment was like a magic oil to me  and the doctor was no less than a santa 🎅. All seemed to be like a dream. A sweet one. His small help turned out to be a great achievement for me. I am grateful to him. 
All thanks to the doctor.