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Guest Story

 It was the summer of 2013, My father and Mother were on their way to a relative's wedding. They were traveling form bhopal to Indore, at 5 in the morning when they were crossing the highway in a remote area, their car suffered a massive collision with a truck. My father knew he had fractured his hip bone for sure, my mother was fine she didn't sustain too many injuries but my father was in immense pain. 

They were on a highway in a remote area, since it was the early hours of the morning there wasn't help available to transfer my parents to the hospital. A few people there decided to help, they put my parents on a trolley and took them to the nearest hospital. 
Narmada Trauma Center being a private hospital was very expensive. As soon as the doctors looked at my father's condition they insisted on performing an operation immediately.My father being a diabetic,a heart patient and also a pharmacist was aware that he shouldn't agree to the surgery. He insisted on being shifted to another well known hospital called B.H.E.L in Bhopal. 
On being shifted there, the senior doctors looked at him and and it was found out that had the operation taken place my father would be dead. My father had 16 bones in his body fractured, he had internal bleeding and a lot of blood loss. According to the senior doctors at B.H.E.L fractures didn't kill anyone and they could wait, what was to be kept in mind was my father's other health complicatons. For the operation to to take place his sugar levels had to be regulated first, his heart beat had be kept under observation, it had to be stable for the operation to take place.Without keeping these things in mind and conducting the operation would take my father's life. And so he was kept under observation for 20 days in the I. C. U,  while the doctors regulated his sugar level and heart beat and took great care of him. They prepared his body for the operation to take place. 
After that period of 20 days in the I. C. U his health was stable and he was ready for the operation to take place. His operation was successful because of the thoughtfulness of the senior doctors who kept in my mind my father's health complications and refused to operate him until his sugar levels and heart conditions were regulated efficiently. 
The doctors at the Narmada trauma Centre had a money making approach towards their profession, on the other hand the doctors at B.H.E.L were considerate and concentrated at giving the best treatment to their patients.They had saved my father's life by their kind and thoughtful efforts. 
Uma Jain