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My Story - Ashok Agarwal

Guest Story
I have a story to tell, it's my own.The story brings back a lot of bittersweet memories. In 2006, on a bright morning, just as I was about to begin the preparation for my every day Aarti, my started to spin and I couldn't keep my eyes open after being taken to a nearby hospital, I was normal the entire day. But at 1 in the night, I woke up from my sleep, drenched in sweat, I could hear my own heart beat it was so loud. I called my friend who rushed me to a well known hospital,Kasturba Hospital. 
The nurses found out that blood pressure had risen abnormally and they urgently needed a heart specialist to treat me. They soon gave a call to Dr. Bhatnagar, who was a heart specialist and also the head doctor of the hospital.
As soon as Dr. Bhatnagar reached the hospital and checked my blood pressure again, it shocked him to even know that I was alive since my heart was beating too rapidly.He immediately rushed me to the I.C.U and conducted some tests like ECG and CT.
He monitored my blood pressure till the next morning and I was given a sleeping pill because I was panicking a lot due to my rapid heart beat. I was having difficulty breathing and just couldn't bear to hear my heart beat so loudly. By the next morning my blood pressure had come to a normal pace and my family was overjoyed.
I don't know how to thank Dr. Bhatnagar for coming to my rescue that night and saving my life. He had ran tests, monitored my heart beat and blood pressure through out the night, without making sure that I was well again he didn't leave. Once my condition was stable, and I was conscious again, I thanked Dr. Bhatnagar for losing his sleep for saving my life, had it not been for his efforts, I wouldn't be alive today. My family will always be grateful to him for being a hero without a cape and coming to my rescue straight from his bed in his nightwear. 
Ashok Agarwal