Guest Story.
It happened around 5 years back when my baby boy was just 2 years old, i am a housewife, and i have struggled alot to have a baby, undoubtedly my life lies within him. I live near a family of two doctor's who i never spoke to before this. So whenever i use to see them i always saw them either shouting at someone or with a very serious face, that made me not want to talk even more, and thats how my judgemental side gave a judgemnent about them, also they use to agrue with me for not parking the vehichle properly etc etc, that made me hate them more. My son slowly started walking and he loved playing outside near the porch we had a small little garden, and he would never want to leave, looking at him all the kids in society use to get attracted to him and wanted to play with him and so i allowed them to do that, it then became a routine for them , everyday they use to drop in around 6 in the evening and go back by 8. I started trusting them, and i use to leave him with them to play and do my other households.
                 It was a sunday evening and all the kids as usual were playing in our poarch, our neighbours were sitting in the garden and i went inside for some kitchen work, after a while i heard some crying noises which i did not pay heed to as it usually happened everyday within the kids there would be some fight and they would cry, so i did not take the pain to go out and check as i knew it would be sorted, suddenly there was complete silence, i could hear nothing at all , out of curosity i went outside and i see no one there my heart started pounding and i was all scared i coul not see my boy anywhere , i rushed outside to ask people, they informed me that he was taken by my neighbours to the hospital, i was to breakdown , but without wasting a minute i rushed to the hospital , i searched for them and finally i found them, they told me not to worry at all and took me to my son, he got some stitches on his head, i was broken, i could not stop crying, they handled everything that i should have done, and took us both back home.
              After we reached home they told me the entire senario how while playing one of the kids threw a small plants leftover on my son's head and he started bleeding they called me out but i coul not hear them so they rushed without waiting. They took us home served some juice told me to calm down, and gave us the best treatment they could. 
I was surprised and taken aback, till date i am thankfull and i always will be to them, i owe them big time.
If they would'nt have taken my son some worse would have happened.
Thank you .