What is this website about?

In times of crisis, we lean on our doctors for  treatment, help and support. The difference between life and death can be the timely intervention of your doctor - whether she is a general practitioner or a surgeon. Many of us owe our lives to these amazing persons.

This website is a forum where anybody can signup and leave a thank you message - both for and about their doctor. Please share their story of service and dedication and how they have helped you! We hope that this collection of patient stories will boost the morale of young doctors and inspire them to continue their efforts.

Doctors also can share their own stories about their favorite patients; and the ones from whom they have learned the most, so they can educate their juniors and colleagues.

We hope this community will make the good that our doctors do on a daily basis more publicly visible, so that we can give our doctors the appreciation and respect they deserve. We have ensured that the stories are sharable on social websites, so please do share the ones that touch your heart.

Why Are We Doing This?

It takes a lot to be a doctor. Doctors go through years of grueling education to get the title of 'doctor', followed by years of hard work to establish themselves. Doctors have to deal with a challenge that very few other professionals have to contend with – that of saving lives.

Most times the doctors are successful , and the patient goes home well. But there are times when, despite their best efforts, the patient does not improve. At such stressful times, in their grief, people forget that doctors have feelings too , and it's very hard on them as well when their patient deteriorates. Being unfairly blamed for bad outcomes, inspite of putting in their best efforts, can sometimes make the doctor's task very thankless indeed!

We want to make an effort to recognize doctors for their good work , and to encourage junior doctors to set a higher standard for themselves. It is our way of saying 'Thank you doctor!'

Important Disclaimer

This is not a website for medical advice or consultation. Stories posted on the site may not be applicable to your own case and we request you to seek advice from a medical professional for any issues you might be facing.

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