This story is about the time, when i was just passing by and i saw a man got into an accident, and i without giving a second thought, pulled him in my rikshaw, and took him to the nearest possible hospital.
The doctors there were not ready to admit him in the hospital , but there was this doctor who literally came out as an angel kind of doctor, he without any further wastage of time took him inside, i told him about the accident as to how it was a very brutal accident but it dose'nt look like from outside, so just check it once.
He took the man inside and checked him and informed me that i shall not worry and that he will look into the matter, he did not do any paer work and told me that we will do that all later and will check him out before all that happens, and thanks to god that the guy got saved, apparently that was only because the doctor checked him on time , otherwise either he would have died or he would have gone paralysed.
Since as per the doctor's checkup he had an internal injury he broke one rib and there was internal bleeding as well, he would have died, but since the doctor showed some concern and he was admitted and treated as soon as possible, is the only reason he could get back his life.
At that very moment , i gained more respect for doctor's and he literally was like a god, not just to me but to the guy who got saved, the document work and every paper work literally was done later. And that iis the kind of humanity we want and wish for.
Thanks to the doctor for not just saving him , but proving how his profession is something we can endlessly rely on.