mansi singh

The motherly instinct

My name is Tina Seksaria, I am a mother of two. Bringing up kids comes with the happy phases and then the not so happy and trying phases. My older son, Dhairya was 2 when he fell off the bed while playing. Unfortunately at that time I was hanging paintings on the walls of house we had just moved into and there were nails all over the marble floor, one had made its way to the side of the bed my son was playing on. Dhairya fell and the nail cut through the delicate skin of his mouth. He began to bleed and I began panicking.I hurried him to the Hinduja Hospital, with tears in my eyes and fear in my heart, I entered the hospital with my son in my arms.
Fortunately as soon as I entered Dr. Ruchi Chawla saw my son's condition and immediately took him to the OPD. I couldn't stop crying because my son was in immense pain. 
Dr. Ruchi was an experienced pediatrician, because Dhairya was in pain, he kept crying, Dr. Ruchi handeled him patiently and effortlessly like she had done it a hundred times,she comforted him like a mother and had took efforts to ease his pain. She gave him local anesthesia for stitching the inner lining of his mouth.All this while Dhairya had remained stable.
As soon as she came out of the OPD she saw me crying, she rushed towards me and gave me a hug, assured me that everything was taken care of and that I didn't need to worry at all now. My son was fine and would recover from the cut in 2 week's time. She said to me,"I can understand what you're going through right now because I am a mother too, but there is nothing to worry about your son is going to be fine in just a couple of days and I promise you that."And I trusted her.
The way in which Dr. Ruchi communicated with me, the way in which she addressed the urgency of my son's condition and the patience and care she handeled Dhairya with,made me believe that good doctors do exist. Lastly the empathy she had for me, touched my heart and made me trust her with my son's well being. My baby was healthy in two week's time just like Dr. Ruchi had promised and I can't ever thank her for being so patient with Dhairya and so understanding and sympathetic towards me.