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Should you believe the popular notions or not?

Guest Story 
Its safe to say that if you've had to suffer from chicken pox in your childhood then you become immune to the disease for the rest of your life. Well, my case was unusual in every sense, I had had my share of pain from the disease I'm my childhood and like everyone I believed the first time would be the last time. But when I was in 10th grade I first noticed a spot on my toe. Soon I had spots all over my body, my arms and torso everywhere.
But I never bothered to tell my parents because I didn't think it was serious, my mother did notice the spots on my face and all that we could comprehend was those spots were bound to affect my skin because I was in my teens. So we treated them at home and never once thought that it was essential to visit a doctor.

Eventually the spots became painful but we still didn't visit a doctor. During the same time i was attending a family wedding, I was at one of the functions when one of the guest who was sitting close to me out of the blue asked me about the spots. At first I didn't know how to respond because no one had reacted like that towards the spots Before. When I got to talking with her I discovered that she was a doctor.
Her name was Dr. Lata Bharadwaj and she was working as a pediatrician in the Sawai Mansingh Hospital(Jaipur) at that time. That very day she told me that the spots I had weren't just any spots, they were a sure sign that I had chicken pox.
She informed my mom soon and I visited her at the hospital the next day  since my board exams were nearing I needed to get well soon. My spots had become really painful and I had been having fever too so I complained about it to Dr. Lata, she told me that I had to stop consuming salt in my diet, it was a major reason why my spots had become painful.
Dr. Lata prescribed a few medicines and within 2 weeks time my spots started healing. I was healthy just in time for my boards. Dr. Lata was concerned for me since the first day she saw me, before my parents and I could address the urgency of the situation and even before my parents and I could actually comprehend anything because of the common notion that we had that one could suffer from the disease just once in their lifetime Dr. Lata proved us wrong and told me that I had children pox. Had I not met with Dr. Lata that day, I would probably have to miss an exam or two and that would have consequences for me. I am thankful to Dr. Lata for being so kind and caring from the very first day.
Riddhi Jain