mansi singh


Guest Story 
I have four siblings we were all very young when our father was diagnosed with blood cancer. My parents were getting tired of all the failed attempts the doctors made at easing my father's pain and curing him of the disease. His days and night had become so painful that he didn't want to live at a point in his life.
When everyone had given up hope, my uncle took the decision of taking my father to Mumbai for the treatment. They met Dr. Shailendra Sharma at the Breach Candy Hospital who was a blood cancer specialist. He soon started my father's treatment and within months of his treatment my father showed a visible difference in his health. It had improved drastically. Dr. Sharma had not only been an expert in his work but had also been a great moral support to my father.
Diseases like cancer have a tendency to drain the life out of a person, something of a similar sort was bound to happen to my father too, when he had almost given up on life Dr. Sharma restored his faith in life and through his treatment gave him hope that he would live. On his insistence my father made it a point to keep himself busy, he began to read a lot, spent time with us and totally kept aside the fact that he knew of a disease called cancer that he was affected with.
My father was completely cured of the disease within 5 years, he visits Dr. Sharma in Mumbai every 6 months for his check up. Today if you look at him, you'll never guess he had cancer, he is completely healthy and full of life and all the credit in the world goes to Dr. Shailendra Sharma.
Rishabh Goyal