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Dr. S.N. Bhagwati

Guest Story

My wife was going through a facial paralysis ,local doctors of my home town, Rewa  told me it was a case of bell's palsy and that my wife would be fine in a few weeks' time but when things didn't improve,a friend suggested i visit the AIMS Hospital in Delhi,on visiting i met with Dr. kakkar who was an auto neuro surgeon ,after examining my wife's MRI report he told us something we could never have expected,there was a tumour in my wife's brain due to which the nerves associated with facial functions were swollen as a result of which she was suffering from a prolonged case of bell's palsy.

Dr. kakkar told us that the surgery would cost us around 4-5 lakhs , and we didn't even know if the tumour was cancerous or not. I wasn't financially stable and couldn't afford the cost of the surgery, i was helpless when a relative suggested me to meet Dr. S.N. Bhagwati who was a neuro surgeon in the Bombay Hospital. we got an appointment with Dr. Bhagwati and visited him soon. He examined my wife and told us to get an MRI done again with the help Dr. Sonal Shah who was a radiologist in the same hospital ,the normal cost of an MRI  usually ranges from 15-20 thousand rupees but since i had already told Dr. Bhagwati about my financial condition , Dr. Sonal cooperated with us and cost us a very minimal amount for the MRI.

Dr. Bhagwati told us that my wife's tumour had to be removed as soon as possible in order to relieve the swollen nerves which were causing the facial paralysis. From the beginning of the appointment he had been really friendly and when i had told him about my financial state, he was so cooperative that he agreed to conduct the surgery with the minimum expense possible.He treated me like a son and told me,''Tum paison ki chinta mat karo, woh sab hum dekh lengey aur sab theek kar denegy.

He even arranged for a bed for me in the hospital so that it would be convenient for me to stay close to my wife. Since Dr. Bhagwati was now old, his operating license had expired ,and he couldn't operate patients anymore but he still guided his juniors and helped them conduct surgeries in his presence. 

On 22nd January my wife's surgery took place , a team of junior doctors lead by Dr. Bhagwati performed my wife's surgery which went on for a long period of 12 hours. The team of expert doctors guided by Dr. Bhagwati consisted of Dr. Neerav Mehta ,Dr. Sunil Joshi ,Dr. Manish Taware and a few more.The surgery was a success and my wife had been cured of her disease.

Dr. Bhagwati later also told us that the tumour was found to be non-cancerous,my wife remained in the hospital for a few weeks and was fit to get discharged soon. The way Dr. Bhagwati connected with me really touched my heart , for a surgery that is so expensive he didn't cost us much because he knew very well from the beginning that i couldn't afford it. All he ever told me rom the start was that he wanted to save my wife's life,he wanted to help me which he did very generously. On the day my wife got discharged , he said to me ,''Dekho theek kar diya na humne tumhari wife ko'',with a big grin on his face.And i thanked him for his generosity.While leaving the hospital I remember him telling one his juniors ,''Mere jo patients theek ho chuke hain unhe I.C.U se general ward me shift karo, kyu unka bill badha rahe .'' And i left with a big smile on my face ,it was almost as if i had come face to face with angel ,who had so much compassion for everyone he treated in the hospital.I am glad that my wife had the privilege of being treated by him and i consider my self lucky that i got meet a person like him.

Rajesh Singh