"Good doctors understand Responsibility better than privilege and practice accountability better than business- well this quote stands true in todays era.
With increasing diseases n death rates doctors are playing an important part  by saving millions n billions of life.
With there intelligence and dedication towards there work they have proved that they are gift by god to we humans.
                                   Anushree Maheshwari would love to share one of her experience.
                                               This is my story
Letting  u people know that for me my doctor is no less than a god..So i was in my 12th standard and was suffering from normal flu due to which i couldn’t eat and drink much. I was down with high fever and was on rest fr a week. One single night after i threw up everything i got severe and unbearable pain in my head which completely turned blue and was swollen up badly. My parents rushed me to hospital where doctors told us i would have been dead if i was late.
                      I got admitted and those 5 days in hospital were ;the most miserable period of my life till date-antibiotic injections, severe pain, sleeping pills, less of oxygen in body and what not but what was sad n miserable was we were not told what the actual problem was , why it turned blue, reason for it getting swollen up and so on. All i was given everyday were injections and sleeping pills. 
After my treatment was done and when i came back home my problems were not solved i got breathing problems, i couldn't stand lights and sounds, i couldn't walk or stand.
I changed my doctor and shifted from allopathic to homeopathic. With gods grace we chose the best doctor this time. he was the first person who told me what i was suffering through and what was the actual problem with me.. he told us due to flu my blood circulation wasn't proper and since i puked that fateful night the blood started flowing backward which damaged my brain nerves.
I was on a bed rest for 3 months with no exposure to light and sounds. Followed whatever my doctor said took care and precautions with proper medications. And today i m in my 4th year of law with no more problems..
He gave me my second life which i owe him completely.