ANGEL In Disguise

This incident took place at my cousin’s house. This is our story…….

He was no more than 2 when we found him. Cowering under the car, as our dogs went off on a tangent barking at him. Normally, he would take off like a rocket. But today was different…. He lay there hissing at them, but not moving an inch. That’s when we realized something was wrong. We gently lifted him and took him home. He was burning with fever, and his eyes had a yellowish opacity. His stomach too felt a little rounded and tender. We took him to the doc immediately, who diagnosed him to have severe jaundice. The prognosis was bleak… his survival was pegged at a few days.

The least we could do was make him comfortable. He wouldn’t eat, he wouldn’t drink. The doc gave him some injections, and started him on saline. But food and water were essential. Without them, he would definitely pass away. We wrapped him in a blanket and coaxed him to take some oral foods. Somehow, we got through the first night. But he was getting weaker. This is when we realized my doc was an ANGEL!! Since we could not take him every day, she would visit us daily…. twice a day. Saline. Shots. Coaxing. Caring. Slowly, he started responding. Little by little he started having food and water. His fever broke. His eyes started clearing. And at the end of 2 weeks, he was prancing around the house. Throughout the period, our ANGEL visited us daily. Where there had been no hope, her dedication paid off. She delivered to us a healthy, happy, and utterly chaotic brat!!

Today, he is part of the family. He is CHAOS, our little brown, furry little tabby. And yes…he still terrorizes the dogs and takes off when they enter.

Thanks doc!!! Love you to the Moon and back :)