Doctor - Find Reasons to Help People

There was a doctor named Dr. Acharya , he was quite a very eminent personality due to his behaviour towards his people.
                         He was a gynaecologist who helped several women to deliver the child with utter ease due to his speciality in the subject. He turned to be a social service person in his retiring age. Also he encouraged his daughters to pursue the same profession and give service to others.
                  DR. Acharya had a very huge impact on the people around him .One such incident that i remember was when my father was working for ganpati mandal and had to go to Dr. Acharya's place for collecting some money which is needed for pandal. He readily contributed an amount which was needed to establish the pandal, with great ease.
                       This incident made me wonder of how he found reasons to help others in some or the other way, and to serve humanity.
 This act of Dr. Acharya has always been in my mind and i always wanted to say and convey thanks on behalf of all who he has helped knowingly or unknowingly.