Mahima Goyal

Cured without Medicine

Guest Story
There came Kshiti running towards me,  shivering, claiming of her low blood pressure, asking me to take her to the mess of our hostel. We gave her some jaggery and made her drink coffee to get her BP in control but nothing worked,so we decided to take her to the doctor. 
            We drove to the clinic. Kshiti was stumbling and needed my support to walk to the doctor. As we sat,the doctor stared asking questions about what exactly happened to her. Kshiti didn't answer any. To break that awkward silence I answered on her behalf and said that she had problem of low BP and was shivering. "How can she claim to have low BP? Did she check? " the doctor asked. "No" I replied.
    The doctor examined her and did not find any symptoms of low blood pressure.kshiti got nervous and hurriedly walked towards her seat.  The doctor calmly asked her "Tell me what is the problem?  What is troubling you?"." I have noticed your every action. When you came here,  you were barely able to walk and needed support of your friend. You were unable to make an eye contact with me and didn't even answer any of my questions. As you heard of not having any problem of low BP you got nervous and walked towards your seat without any help of your friend. You are undergoing a Mental Stress! Is there anything you want to share? said the doctor. On this, Kshiti began to cry her heart out. She said that she did not like her field and there is too much of exam pressure on her. Her family is very conservative about her and restricted her to go out with friends or any college trips. Their behavior suffocated her. This all events caused her mental stress which eventually lowered her grades. 
                Doctor patienly listened her and assured her that he will talk to parents. He asked her to feel free to come and talk to him.He advised her to practice yoga, meditation and to go out for walks ,as this activities creates postive vibes and relieve brain from stress. These activities are your medicine he said. 
      I could see a smile on Kshiti's face. She looked relaxed and happy now, more importantly stress free! Cured without medicine.