My doctor became my strength

This is my story , I Shyama Vyas age 67 years old, few months back i suffered from a very bad phase of life. 
That was not just traumatic but also painful.
One fine day, i got a call from my brother saying my father was not well and that he had been admitted to a hospital for the same. I became very nervous and i rushed myself to get ready and in a hurry i did everything that day , while i was leaving the house I slipped and fell down . It was bad but inwas so worried about my father that i did not realize how did i gather so much courage to get up and rush towards the hospital , by the time i reached his operation was already started and i went and sat while i sat i felt the pain and it was suddenly becoming even more painful, my daughter just came inside and i told her to get me crepe bandage, it was all swollen up by that time , my daughter took me to the doctor instantly as we already were in a hospital we did all the xray and everything that was required by the time i could not even walk and it was a fracture.
I was all broken to the fact that when my father needed me I myself went in such situation . I went back home and we then rushed to the doctor who is known to us , he then started treating me , he told me it will take 3 months to heal he did my plaster and everything of the situation needed . I was at my home sitting thinking about how one fraction of second changed everything. And i started to feel bad about the same! Then I gathered the courage and followed everything my doctor told me , to my surprise he told me to eat an apple that i hated to eat everyday to keep him away, you know what i mean , then slowly it became a little healed but not completely healed i was irritated with the plaster and i was annoyed at everything then my doctor told me i will remove the plaster provided u wont move at all , I decide and agreed the same he then did that he use to visist me every week to see the improvement in me , he gave me the motivation to move again, the motivation to go back to life that was waiting, finally after all that he said and all that I followed , i started doing some movements, and i saw improvement and not just me even my family saw the improvement in me .
i was healing and the day came when i could walk as I normally use to not very perfect but yes i did it.
It was all the efforts of my doctor that i could regain the life that awaited me and he infact thanked and appreciated me for following whatever he said and i felt amazing. He told me he was always proud to have patients like me. 
I was blooming like a flower that gave me the motivation to become even more better. Sometimes the child in u does wants to be appreciated to work harder and so did I .
i am more than thankful to my doctor for all the efforts that he put in me to know everything that was required from me and for me. I will always owe him a Thank you.