mansi singh

Assumptions aren't always accurate

My uncle is an E.N.T Onco Surgeon and he has always been a friend to me.Whenever I engage in a conversation with him I lose track of time because he always has so many interesting things to talk about ,he also sometimes talks about his experiences with his patients.
One such experience never fails to amaze me.It was about four months back when he told me about the incident.One afternoon he was in his office attending a patient as usual when he got a call from the head of the oncology department who required my uncle to assist him in an urgent surgery that had to take place in his assistant's  absence.The patient on whom the surgery had to be conducted had brain tumour.
During the course of the surgery, the head oncologist had already come to the conclusion that the patient wouldn't survive.He suggested my uncle to end the surgery after having extracted only half of the tumour because he believed that any further efforts would would be useless.But my uncle who had been assisting him, firmly believed that if they removed the entire tumour,there was a chance the patient could actually survive and he remained adamant on his stand.
The doctor agreed and the surgery went on for seven hours.
Miraculously the patient survived and made a full recovery within a very short amount of time.Not only had my uncle been successful in convincing the doctor to extract the entire tumour but he had also successfully saved the patient's life.He couldn't be more relieved!He thanked God for not letting his efforts go to waste.
After his recovery ,the patient visited my uncle,he had tears in his eyes while he thanked my uncle for saving his life.Later he also asked my uncle to get a picture clicked with him!At the end of the day the fact that he had been able to save a life and had actually been of some service to the mankind gave him a sense of immense satisfaction.He was happy that his profession gave him opportunities to change people's lives and in some cases save them as well and he couldn't be more grateful to God for that!