Jay Chheda

A Friend, Teacher, Father....My Doctor

A Friend, Teacher, Father...My Doctor
 Long time ago, I had met with an accident. I was hospitalized for 1 and a half month, the best time of my life. Some people will think what’s best being hospitalized!. Yes, it’s true these 1 and a half month journey gave me best memories that I could ever have in my life.

 It was my birthday week, I was expecting a surprise visit by my friends. But on my birthday none of my friends appeared. It was such a sad moment for me, my doctor some how got to know about this. And the next thing he did was one of the generous thing he could have done. He planned a surprise party for me in a empty ward for me. It bought happiness to my face. My heart just melted down, it was the day when I show a friend in my doctor.

 Since a student, I had to be in touch with my studies. So one day I had problem understanding one topic. And at the same time, he came in for every day check up. He show me confused, not able to understand topic. So he came to me and taught me the whole topic. It was the day when I show a teacher in my doctor.

 It had been quite some days of me being in hospital. But still I had not recovered well. I went into depression because of my illness. I had given up and accepted the fact that I will never recover to normal condition. I was feeling lonely, sad, depressed. At that time he consulted me, he gave me confidence, motivation. He treated me as his son. And he was always with me in my bad time. It was the time when I felt a love of father in my doctor.

 When I had recovered well and it was my time to go back to my home. It felt like I was going away from my home. And a doctor was not just a doctor for me but now he was a family to me. He was always there when I needed my family members or my loved people. 

 And yes it was my best moment of my life.