One fine day, a sweet looking girl came to me. She was the daughter of my friend.

I asked her all the problems she was going through.

I helped her "see” the problem from total perspective.

Once she got the Total Perspective of the problem, it was obvious to her that

Magnitude of the problem was not as huge as it appeared at the outset.

When she could see the problem objectively, solution was available to her.

And because the solution was found by her only, she felt empowered and proactively worked towards the solution and resolved the issue.

Depression went away. And now she is leading a good quality of life.

Not only that. She now feels confident of resolving any issue that she may face in life.  

 Now she is blooming in the profession of her choice and enjoying it. She has never been happier.

 I could see a visible change in her personality, her face glowed. The whole outlook towards the life changed.

Now, she is a different person. Happy and Contented !