A Surgeon's Prayer

A Surgeon's Prayer
Give me work when I am young
Let there be no unexpected death on the operation table
Let no swabs or forceps remain inside the abdomen
Let me not cross a point of no return during an operation
Let there be some help available in a critical situation
Let my skilful hands not make me arrogant
Keep me away from the temptations of money
Let the invisible enemies, the microbes, not infect the patient
Give me the wisdom to quit in time
Give me good health to enjoy the evening of my life.
My Prayer has been Answered:
I am blessed by my profession,
I am 84 years old; full of happy memories.
My life overflows with hidden treasures which
no authority can tax; no one could ever know
that I envy my destiny!
From the book, 
Reflections of a Surgeon