mansi singh

A Positive Vision

Guest Story

I was 14 years old when i met with a terrible accident.During the course of the recovery,my eyes would hurt a lot followed by sudden headaches which further lead to swelling around my eyes.As time went by,i slowly started to lose my vision and within 3 months i lost my vision completely. 

My parents took me to a doctor in Udaipur and the he diagnosed me with a rare disease called "Birdshot retinochoroidopathy.”In 32 years of his medical practice, this was the second time he had encountered the disease.It came as a shock to the doctor because the disease only occurred in men and women aged 30-60 years and i was just a 14 year old kid.

I was referred to a well known eye specialist in Mumbai called Dr.S.Nataranjan.My parents took me to him as soon as possible and on consultation we found out that if there was any  further delay in approaching him, on our part, my vision would be gone forever.

Soon the doctor put me on a treatment for another 6 months and informed us that if the treatment worked I would regain my vision but if it didn't i’d lose the ability to see for the rest of my life.Miraculously within a month of being on the treatment i was slowly regaining my vision and by the start of the second month my vision came back completely.

The day i regained my vision,my life changed forever!I began looking at every aspect of my life with a renewed sense of purpose.
My parents and I will forever be grateful to Dr.Natarajan for giving me the strength to recover,for always having a positive attitude around me and above all inspiring me to have faith in myself in a time of suffering.It it doctors like him that bring a broken person back to life by inspiring them with positively.

Meghna Rathore