Real Life Saver

This is the story of Shanta Mani , my sister in law , who had a new lease of life. This happened in the year 2013. She had a fall at home and was in severe pain . As it was late night , neighbors took her to a local nursing home. There they started basic treatment and gave an estimation of hip surgery. we waited for 2/3 days and there was no sign of surgery and kept her only on oxygen mask and she appeared to be deteriorating. On being asked the chief doctor informed " I don't think she will survive". This they could have told without waiting and also mentioning they were not well equipped to deal with this case.

I immediately called my family doctor, Dr. Swaroop Hegde, who understood the situation explained by me in layman's language. He advised to take discharge (DAMA) and shift to the hospital with proper expertise and facility. He himself called hospitals enquiring for bed and organized an ambulance with oxygen facility and a medical person in the ambulance and asked me to go to Kohinoor Hospital. On reaching the hospital, we found the Doctor ready with her history and she was taken swiftly to Causality and after preliminary check up shifted to ICU by Dr. Manerkar. All the advance arrangements had been done by Dr. Hegde. Once there her lung problem was resolved in two days and after that Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Agashe attended to her fracture and the operation was done and she recovered well. All this happened seamlessly only and only because of the swift action and proactive arrangements done by Dr. Hegde. We are of course thankful to Dr. Manerkar and Dr. Agashe for their splendid job. Now in 2017 , Shanta Mani is fine , despite having another fall and a 2nd time operation on the hip in 2016 begining again due to a fall, by Dr. Bendre, and now she is ok. She does have some age related Arthritis issue, for which she still continue to take medication. Our doctor Swaroop Hegde takes so much trouble that he personally come and give or send through driver prescription as Mr & Mrs Mani are senior citizens and stay in 3rd floor. I personally think this kind of empathetic care is hardly seen in current days.

If only there is timely diagnosis, proactive action and empathetic approach in the treating doctors like it happened to us, many misfortunes could be averted.

Thanks for the opportunity to share.

Krishnaveni (Veena)