mansi singh

"You have been brave"

 Guest Story
Back when I was sixteen I was diagnosed with Fibroadenoma - a condition in which one has benign breast tumour/tumours. I noticed the symptoms a few months before visiting the doctor,but i was too scared to talk to anyone about it.I thought it was a part of growing up and maybe everyone experienced it but the fact that I felt a lump in only one breast and not the other raised alarm in my head. In those months I was dealing with the stress of my class 10th board exams and I honestly felt like I didn't have the time to think about it and hoped it would vanish with time. They say 'Ignorance is bliss', it's not! 

So after a few months of procrastinating I told my mother about it. She took me to the gynaecologist she was seeing,she wrote a few tests. When the results came it was clear that I needed to get treatment. An acquaintance of my mother recommended a surgeon, Dr. Mou Roy.

I visited her on June 8th 2015 and she was of the opinion that it was too late to treat my condition through medicines and I had to get the tumour removed through surgery as soon as possible. On June 9th 2015 I was in the surgery room,petrified by the very thought of it. During the surgery she kept me engaged in a conversation with her and praised me for being brave enough to take a decision which was essentially important for my health.Since i was not put on general anesthesia being able to communicate with the doctor during the surgery certainly helped ease my nerves. The surgery was successful and the tumour was removed.Later the doctor told me that my reports had come out negative and that my tumour indeed was not cancerous!It was a big relief for me and my family.
The way my doctor encouraged me to take the right decision and motivated me during the appointments and the surgery is something I remember to this day.She told me that i had been very brave throughout the surgery and those words still inspire me to be brave in times of distress.The conversations i had with my doctor were therapeutic and made me feel mentally strong not only during the surgery but also helped me deal with my emotions after the surgery. It is because of her that I feel comfortable enough to share my experience today, it helps me heal emotionally and I am grateful to her for that.