mansi singh

May God Bless Him

Myself Ms. Pinkee Wadhra,a teacher by profession.I live in Raipur ,Chhattisgarh along with my parents.My parents are around 70 years of age and i take care of them.My mother has faced many health issues.In 2016,my mother suffered from diarrhea and we thought she become alright if we used some home remedies,so we treated her at home,we put her on allopathic medication  but we didn't see any improvement.Nothing seemed to work and her health was constantly deteriorating .
I discussed things with my colleagues and one of them suggested a doctor for my mother.The doctor was stomach and liver specialist ,Dr Lalit Nehal MD.He began the treatment of my mother,and within days my mother's condition gradually improved.It was not just the diarrhea that was responsible for my mother's ill health,the doctor had sensed another complication too and he decided to get to the root of the problem.He demanded our full cooperation and prescribed some very necessary tests like sonography,blood sugar etc.He also continously monitored my mother's blood pressure.
After the results of the tests came out we were informed that a little water had accumulated in her lungs and liver and the liver too was infected.Now she had to go through liver treatment.The way the doctor treated my mother and made her aware of her health complications also made me realize that i was at the right place and my mother's health was in good hands.In the hands of a doctor i trusted blindly.
It took my mother 3 months of treatment to get back to her old,energetic and healthy self.I knew what she had been through,she couldn't even eat herself let alone take a bath.But from the support of my father,my other family members and most importantly the treatment of the doctor my mother became healthy again.Shortly after her treatment she got back to doing her routine activities and living a healthy life.
There was a time before meeting the doctor when not only my mother but even i had lost hope .But Dr Lalit Nehal made a very big difference in our lives.I give his reference to other needy people with 100% assurance.I would only want to say,"May God Bless Him."
by Ms. Pinkee Wadhra