Mahima Goyal

Those Four Days

When you think life is going awesome and everything seems to just fall in place *boom* there comes a hurdle, the devil, to drag you out of your dreams.Well yeah, for me falling sick is like an evil haunting you, depriving you of your happiness and may even land you up in a hospital!
      I am Mahima Goyal a nineteen year old.The incident happened a year back in the month of october.I used to stay with my bua at Bhayander preparing for my CS exams.It was a just a month left for my exams that I was diagnosed with DENGUE ! The symptoms were frequent headaches,lower concentration and stomach pain. My aunt took me to the clinic a couple of times but all was in vain. My mother got worried seeing the situation and decided to take me to the Saifee Hospital located at the town side.
      As we reached there, observing my condition they suggested for treatment , so I was admitted. I was very bitter about getting admitted as I will be missing my classes which was important as the exams were nearing.Also for me to lay on bed all day long and was a very difficult task.
        The  Doctor who treated me was very polite and assured me that everything will be fine and I should stop overthinking about it.The doctors and nurses were very kind hearted and the services provided over there was great. They even allowed my friends to visit me after the visiting hours so that I can be happy and comfortable over there and that truly touched me. I was provided with a emergency button which i can press anytime to call for help.The doctors and nurses were very supportive and made it feel like home.
          Those four days were a new chapter of experience in my life and ended with ease due to aggravation of wondrous doctors!