Mahima Goyal


Guest story, 
My brother elder brother is very fond of dogs and always wished to have one,but mom who doesn't seem to be much interested in the idea always refused the same. As we grew old my brother became independent and secretly bought a dog to home. He was fluffy and brown in colour, his tongue sticking out and his small tail waveing in air out of joy. I fell in love with him at the first site.We named him scooby. Our first pet dog. I was on the seventh cloud. He was so adorable that mom also couldn't resist more and accepted him.
          We used to take him on walks, taught him to pee at a right place and things were just perfect. But sooner despite of proper care and diet his body was becoming weak. Days later he stopped eating anything. He did not even get happy on seeing me coming home from college or lick my face nor he waved his tail in happiness anymore.His body went pale.We decided to take him to the doctor.
       The veterinarian observed him and found that he was suffering from jaundice and his condition is very critical. We couldn't believe it. He was kept under observation.Proper care and diet was provided to him.  The veterinarian on seeing me and my brother's sad faces would tease Scooby with other female dogs there. He was very interactive and we used to get positive vibes from him. 
       Unfortunately, Scooby's condition was getting worse. He died when he was 8 months old. I would not blame the veterinarian for that. He had put his 100 percent and made all possible efforts. Yes, Scooby was no more, but he was the best veterinarian we could have ever got for scooby.