Mahima Goyal


Guest story,

This is the story of Dr. Ratan, who became my family doctor after this incident. I was 3 years old when I fell down while playing and developed a crack in my shoulder joint. I was crying with pain and no one could calm me down. I was terrified and hurt and nothing that anyone did could pacify me or reduce my pain. Finally, we arrived at Dr Ratan’s clinic where he looked at with his twinkling eye and gently made me lie down on the bed. He was the one operated on me and for some reason those eyes made me feel really secure.

Once my operation got over, i was kept in the hospital for the next two days where he would constantly come to check on me. On the day of my discharge, he even gave me candies when I was leaving. Ever since, whenever i went for the dressng of my wounds, he would give me chocolates or candies. He has been my hero ever since because he had calmed me down even when my mom could not do anything and since that time till today my entire family has very good relations with him and he is not just my family doctor but a family member now.