Simply put, my doctor makes me feel better.

This seems simple, not a life-saving event, but it meant a possible return to my normal state of well being, which means a lot to me.

I went to see my physician for a routine visit, mainly because it had been over a year and I needed a medication refill. Physically, I'm in great health, emotionally I'd had a rough year (25-year marriage ended in divorce which was very hard). I've never been a weepy tearful person, but found that I was basically sad and crying a lot. I'm a corporate professional consultant, raising two teenagers at home alone and completing the capstone for a Master's degree. I managed everything myself, kept my personal life private. Although I have close friends, this was something I wanted to handle alone, but it was overwhelming.

Without intending to even bring up my mental state, my doctor asked how I really felt, and as per usual the waterworks ensued. He listened, he offered suggestions and a wide spectrum of options that I could try.  Even now, to this day he reiterates that he won't stop, that we can try different options until we figure out what works, whatever I need to feel better.

And I do feel better, more importantly I'm certain I can trust that my doctor will listen to me and use his knowledge and compassion to continue to provide me with excellent care.