Mahima Goyal


Guest Story,
My husband Rajiv's condition was getting worse day by day .That night it reached to its extreme and we took him to the hospital at 3 AM .Since there was no medical facility available in the village we took him to the hospital at the nearest city.
      He was admitted there and all the tests were done. The test reports surprisingly showed everything normal. It was difficult to find what actually was wrong with his health as he did not seem well at all. I was very worried .I could see his condition deteriorating .There was a feeling of helplessness as he could not be treated unless they detect what was affecting his health. He was kept on observation.
        Even after a week under observation nothing was working in our favour. The doctors treating him decided to call their senior, Dr Ashwin from Bangalore. He did some advanced tests and found out that the problem was with the sodium levels in his body. His sodium level went very low causing him to be disoriented and not able to recollect things at times. Being admitted in hospital  for a week without any treatment disturbed his mental health too. Soon after the discovery of problem, without any further delay the treatment began. Dr Ashwin used to come for the visit frequenly. As we knew no one in the city we didnt have any visitors to talk to and pass our time with. Dr Ashwin being aware about the fact used to visit and share few words with us. The junior doctor too used to talk to Rajiv on various topics so that he could distract himself from the dull and depressing environment of the hospital. He made our days pass very smoothly in the hospital. Even the treatment proved very effective.
 This treatment would not have been possible without the expertise of Dr Ashwin and the help and support from the hospital staff. We received immense moral support from everyone at the hospital - from the wardboys to nurses to the doctors. They really made it easy for us to go through the entire treatment process and other formalities of the hospital.