Mahima Goyal


Guest Story,
"Deep inside us, we know what every family therapist knows: the problem between the parents become the problem within the children" Roger Gold.
Problem comes like a complimentary with life. Every human faces some or the other problems in life be it a business problem, social life problems or family problems. The one who stands by you, who supports you and who believes in you in such situation are the real gems. My story also revolves around the same situation. 
        I am Yashi Jain ,the eldest child in our family. There was a bad phase I was going through in standard 11th .Cutting the long story short, there were problems going on in the family which were a little too much for me to take as a teenager.The environment in home was depressing which stressed my mind. I even used to feel my body getting numb. It was affecting my mental health and I was unable to concentrate on my studies. Seeing the gravity of situation I decided to visit our family doctor.
               Next afternoon I visited Dr Manish Wange's clinic. He being my fathers childhood friend, the relation between me and Dr Wange was more of a informal one. I told him everything that I was going through . After I finished, he offered me a glass of water and asked me to calm down.He told me that I should stop overthinking about the situation and let things pass with with time, as taking stress about what is going on and beyond my control will only affect my mental health. His every word made sense .I could regain the hope that everything will be fine soon and that it was just a phase that I was going through. Dr Wange assured me that he would have a word with my father and help every possible way from his side. He even gave me prescriptions for the numbness I was feeling in my body. I felt so relieved after sharing my problem and having a talk with him.
          At a point where I could not talk to my parents about things, Dr Wange was the person I could turn to. He has been a friend, a guide and a doctor at the same time. I am thankful to him.