mansi singh

My beautiful smile

We all go through the exciting phase of childhood, with childhood comes innocence, during this time we take on some good traits from our parents like sharing, being kind and helpful and the list can go on and on. Somehow because of that innocence it's quite natural for children to quickly learn whatever is happening or being said around them. Therefore while it's always easier for children to pick on the so called bad habits( that very often trouble the parents a bit! ) it is hard for them to learn good habits or catch on the good traits, as the phrase goes anything good doesn't come easy! 
Today I would like to share a sweet little story with you all from my childhood about my dentist. As I've already said that when we are young we pick up on the negative habits more quickly that the good ones, or maybe that was just the case with me! I used to trouble my teachers and peers a lot,  I was a mischievous kid always getting punished by my teachers at school. Apart from being mischievous, among my other so called bad habits was sucking on my thumb. My mother would be very annoyed with me because I would always have my thumb inside my mouth.
My mother knew a dentist whom she took me to on a monthly basis.She had spoken to the him about my habit. One day while visiting him, after I was done with the check up, I asked him if my teeth were healthy like I always did,to which he replied,"everything is fine darling except for one thing". My 6 year old naive self panicked and I further asked him about the issue. He gently said,"Dear if you don't stop sucking on your thumb you're teeth will get pushed out and it will completely ruin your adorable smile". The next thing I knew I started crying uncontrollably, I didn't want a crooked smile after all!The doctor pulled me closer and said, " let me tell you a secret,if you promise to me that you will stop sucking on your thumb and that you will brush your teeth twice a day, I will let you take two candies instead of 1 every time you visit". And I heard him patiently, stopped passed a sly smile at him and he said, "deal?" and I smiled my beautiful smile and declared, "deal doctor". He and mom couldn't stop laughing.
From then on I stopped sucking on my thumb and a developed a habit of brushing my teeth twice a day.To this day whenever I visit him, I take two candies instead of one from the small bowl kept at his table and he always politely smiles when I do so. I am 19 now and I still haven't found anyone, whom I can trust my aligned teeth and my so called beautiful smile with.