Hidden story of a Doctor

As we are seeing the things happening in the Indian Medical environment where lot of agitations are happening daily we have some Good Doctors in the Place who believe in serving the humanity via all means.

This is about Dr. A.K Singh who is a M.B.B.S., M.S. (General Surgery) aged 59+ running hospital named as Suman Hospital in District Sultanpur (U.P) , Dr. Singh has worked for several years in the district hospital of Sultanpur as a chief Surgeon , he resigned for 2 times where his resignation was not accepted by the government but then finally took VRS in the year 2012 for starting his social vision to serve the poor and deprived peoples of the society.

The shocking fact here is this that the hospital charges Rs. 100 as the consultancy fees in the OPD , due to small fees there is a huge crowd (120-200 or even upto 250 in summer) of people which gathers there daily for their general consultation , this is managed well by the Hospital where there are 3 rooms in the OPD assisted by 2 doctors along with Dr. Singh , Dr. Singh sees the patient while moving in the 3 rooms , he doesn't normally sits on his chair while being in the OPD , Its like Standing OPD where all the Doctors stand for 3-4 hours while giving consultation to the patient ,although the hospital is known for general Surgery with Laprascopy there are many Patient who look Dr. Singh as their general Physician because he is good at curing the patient with his basic aids for the normal or seasonal diseases , the success rate of the operation is almost 99% where 1% failure happen due to BP or other supplementary problems , Dr. Singh has been regularly attending the CME Conferences being held in India and across the world.

The OPD starts in between 11 to 12 am in the morning and lasts upto 4 PM in the evening , the surgery starts from around 5.30 PM in the evening and ends upto 12 PM in the night , the hospital daily handles around 8-10 Minor Surgeries and an equal amount of Major Surgeries.

The Hospital also facilitates some well known specialist from other cities named Dr. ShashiKant Mishra (Uro Surgeon) who was earlier in Gujrat but now is based in Lucknow , Dr. Navneet Tripathi from Lucknow who is a Endocrine Surgeon visiting every 3rd Sunday,Dr. Suryoday from Calcutta who is an Orthopedic Specialist visiting every second sunday.

The hospital has Dr. Meenakshi in the panel who is a Gynecologist and who gives her free consultation on every 9th of the month from last 1.5 Years inspired by the Program runned by government of India.

The Hospital also has the facility of Kshar Sutra for Fitsula which is an Ayurvedic Therapy.

The Hospital also has a Facility of Neuro Surgeon visiting every 2nd and 4th Sunday to the Hospital.

Dr. Singh has announced free services to the patient and also had affixed an wall stone outside the hospital for the free services , even he got that inaugurated and Published in the print media but shockingly he didn't got much inquiries for the free treatment , allegedly it looks like people want to pay something rather then taking completely free treatment as a open ward of 13 beds is dedicated to the poor patient who could pay as per their capability or could even take a free treatment as per their desire.

All in all we can say that Dr. Singh has dedicated his life for keeping the people healthy throughout their life , If Dr. Singh won't have been there it would rather have been difficult for the peoples of Sultanpur for getting the costly treatment in nearby big cities like Lucknow or Allahabad , People of the Sultanpur want see him in the main stream and are ready to vote him for MLA,MP whatever he desires but Mr. Singh keeps himself away from such thing and is continuously working day and night for his vision of providing the cheap health services to the unprivileged , Mr. Singh is an invitee to almost all social events which are being held in the city and also has won several awards in this regard, so now we can say that still we have some good doctors in the country who can become the role model for the upcoming or existing Medical Fraternity.