The face of humanity

Do you know what it feels like when you're the oldest child, whose deemed responsible for the chaos your other siblings create? All of you who have younger and more pampered siblings probably know how I feel about being the oldest sibling. Sometimes I do get jealous because i crave the love and attention my younger brother gets from my parents, the other times I end up pampering him myself because he is adorable.He is 7 years old and is never short of enthusiasm and energy when it comes to running around the house and creating a ruckus for everyone else. 
However things are way better than they were in 2012,he was a two year old toddler then. For a about two days he had been too sick, my parents decided to take him to the doctor, on their way to him their car met with an accident, it wasn't major.Everyone was fine, my 2 year old brother got his head hurt, he was bleeding.But he didn't shed a tear. He was taken to the doctor immediately, his wound had to be stitched up and while the doctor did so( without giving him anesthesia because it was a head injury),my brother didn't bat an eye! 
That was when it dawned on the doctor that my brother was in danger. He wasn't feeling any pain,he wasn't responding to anything and so he ordered several tests. A city scan and MRI were performed but the reports were perfectly alright. My parents panicked, they couldn't find out what was wrong with their son while his health kept deteriorating. The doctor too was curious as to what was crippling my brother's health,he soon instructed my parents to a get a last test done which was sonography. 
Because of the doctor's insistence and concern for my brother, the report results were not delayed and were out in just a couple of hours.After looking at the reports the same day, the doctor informed my parents that my brother's appendicitis was in the last stage, his appendix had actually burst and if there was further delay in conducting a surgery,infections released from the appendix would spread all over his body and kill him. 
The same day, a surgery was conducted on my brother and he remained in the hospital for 13 days. The life of an innocent 2 year old had been saved because of the doctor's thoughtfulness and concern. The doctor not only thoughtfully ordered for a sonography when all other tests failed to diagnose anything but also ordered for the results of the reports on the same day, sensing the urgency of the situation (which is usually given the next day). By performing the surgery as soon as possible he had been successful in saving the life of the most loved and pampered kid in our family. He had gone out of his way to help my little brother. 
As told by my parents this was the first time they had come across a doctor who wasn't trying to make money but was trying to save lives in a true sense. They had come face to face with humanity,they couldn't fight their tears when they thanked him for saving my brother, and he just bowed his head and joined  his hands in a polite gesture.