mansi singh

The helper

Guest Story
Today I'm going to share an experience with my doctor here. It was back in 2016,i had met with an accident and at that time, no one was coming forward to help me and my friend when all of a sudden a young man stepped out of his car and came to my rescue, this man was a doctor, which my friend and I didn't realize until we reached the hospital. 

My best friend and I had just left from school and were on our way back home when, my friend's scooter collided with a bike parked at the side of the busy narrow street.I didn't realize that my right foot was baldy hurt until our scooter skid off and fell as a result of the collision.The bike's stand had a rectangular metal chip which was pressed against the surface of the ground through the support of which the bike stood and could be parked, as a result of the collision, the chip had penetrated my skin, had made its way through the many layers of skin and sunk as deep as my where the bone of my foot was.
My foot was bleeding heavily and I couldn't lift it up to take even a single step. My friend cried for help, but people just watched and no one came forward to help. I sat there on the street helpless and wounded when a young fellow saw me and stopped his car. He immediately got down from his car, took out his handkerchief and tied it around my foot,he then lifted me up from the ground and placed me in the back of his car, with my friend in the front seat and drove us to the hospital. 
Upon reaching,he pulled out a stretcher, placed me on it and hurried me to the operation theater while calling out for the nurses,i was confused.Then it dawned on me that the man wasn't just someone who was trying to help me because of my immobility, he indeed was a doctor himself. 
Inside the surgery room,he carefully removed the peice of cloth tied to my foot to prevent it from bleeding and cleant my wound, I had been crying  and panicking all along, he tried comforting me and instructed me to take deep breaths while he injected my injured foot with local anesthesia.He then stitched up my wound with precision, and because I was given anesthesia, it did not hurt so much. 
On being ushered out of the surgery,  I found my parents waiting for me, panick striken,and apprehensive. Dr. Abhimanyu as read the name on his coat, approached my parents and told them that everything had been taken care of and I was alright. My mother ran towards me while I lay on the bed in a private room of the hospital. But everything was alright now.If it wasn't for Dr. Abhimanyu's attentiveness and kindness God knows how long i would have to be on street before someone came to my rescue!
Antima Agarwal