Stressed life

Shanti Prakash Vyas
Hi, i am not a doctor by profession but i treat people with my learned techniques which are popularly known as acupressure, the main aim of acupressure is to figure out points in body that affects or are directly or inversely related to the disease one suffers from, every part of our body has something or the other to do with the pressure points in our body as well.
I personally am of the opinion that every disease starts with our body ends with our body, its strange how people dont realize how they are their own healer , how every point tgat we call pressure point is a problem solver, i have a lot many patients tgat i go to everyday to treat them , it is an art i feel because to know the exact points is not that difficult but to be able to heal someone is a greater task.
I have always been keen to treat people and that to be able to see the change the recovery in them, there are a lot of times when medicines fail but as I mentioned they heal themselves, with all these passing years i have learned more than body a human mind plays a major role in recovery.
To be able to reach the mindset one needs not to be just a doctor but like a friend, a confidant who the patient can be whoever he wants to be because then is the time one can think of everything that comes in his way of non recovery, and let it go.
There are a lot of patients who suffer from family issues they cannot share it with anyone but they do that with me, its a little time consuming at times but the end result is worth all the time.
All these years i have always kept one important thing in mind while treating people that even today’s generation shall
keep in mind, that we are here to treat someone and without letting him be what he was we shall not give up, someone’s life is too precious to give up that easily uopn.