Mahima Goyal

Harbinger of my daughter's life....My Doctor...

Respected Sir/Madam:
Ms.Shivani Mehta, my 19 years daughter was having a high fever and treated initially at a local hospital in suburban Kandivali. Gynaecologist Dr.Manisha Desai, treating my daughter advised us to admit her at KDAH at the earliest. She made necessary arrangement at KDAH.

Dr.Manisha was absolutely right in her judgment. Shivani was normal when the ambulance left Kandivali, but the time we reached KDAH she was nearly unconscious and we realized the seriousness of the situation.

In the night of 10th of November, when we reached the hospital, Dr.Vatsal Kothari and his team was ready to attend my daughter and immediately started the treatment and admitted her to Critical ICCU. He briefed us about various possibilities and line of treatment he will adopt. At midnight MRI and Cerebral Fluid Test was conducted. The things were not as simple as we thought. My daughter was under attack from an unknown virus, which took control of her central nervous system. And high fever was a symptom of Encephalitis, a disease in which predator virus capture the Central Nervous System and create havoc in routine functioning of the body.

It was a life and death situation.

The doctors were assiduous and relentless in finding and controlling the virus and bringing my daughter back to normal. It was a long and tiring struggle for us as well as for the doctors and the entire team. The everyday team struggled to regain the battle, with little or no success.

But this didn’t deter them for trying more and finally, after 22 days of treatment in Critical ICCU under Dr.Vatsal Kothari and team, my daughter was out of danger and was transferred to Stroke Unit on 2nd December 2017. During this time we prayed, prayed and prayed more for the quick recovery of my daughter. We believe, our prayer was answered through competent, caring and composed doctors; Dr.Vatsal Kothari, Dr. Annu Aggarwal, Dr.Tanu Singhal.

Dr. Kothari was cool, calm and confident in dealing with an uncertain and not 100% recognized enemy- virus. He and other doctors tolerated all our questions, and sometimes suspicions with humility and without demonstrating an ounce of authority.

From bottom of our heart, we are thankful to Dr.Vatsal Kothrai, Dr. Annu Aggarwal, Dr.Tanu Singhal and the entire team, for bringing my daughter back to life.

God bless them all!!!

Your staff at Stroke ICU under the leadership of Dr.Abhishek Srivastava was equally competent and caring while treating Shivani. From rescue, we were moving towards recovery. Dr. Abhishek played an equally important role in bringing back Shivani to normalcy. As a head of Rehabilitation Unit, he conducted and monitored various therapies. We were delighted and in tears to see my daughter walking and talking after such a long time. We understood the importance of rehab activities and state of the art facilities, like Robotic Physiotherapy, Swallow therapy, provided by KDAH.

Now the final, auspicious day has come to get the discharge from the hospital. Shivani’s 66 days of hospitalization has changed our perception towards everything in life. We experienced how fragile life is, we witnessed defeat, struggle and ultimate triumph of Doctors and medical science, how important support staff is and what role hospital and its facility play in saving the human life.

Along with medical science, we survived the turbulent, tragic time and its pain agony, misery with the support, prayers and blessings of our near and dear one.

We are leaving the hospital with reverence and a deep sense of gratitude towards almighty God, Doctors, hospital, medical science, support staff, friends, relative and Medical Insurance.

And how can I forget to say a big thank to the harbinger of my daughter’s life - Dr.Manisha Desai. We will always be grateful to Dr.Desai for her timely advice. God bless her!!

Thank you very much and we wish nobody in the world should suffer what we suffered and if the unfortunate event happens, we pray that they should also get the treatment we received.