Jay Chheda

Doctor next door

Doctor next door..
So it was long time ago, I was alone at home because my parents had went to home town for some important work. It was a time of monsoon season. The next day itself I felt sick, I had fever, cold, headache. 
Luckily, our neighbor was a Doctor. So I went to their home at night and described my condition. She examined me and gave me medicines. This was so kind of her that she examined me at night, as we say a Doctor is never off duty. She even made for me soup. She was there with me whole night, she took care of me as I was her son. This kind full act of her made me teary. 
The whole night she took care of me and was beside me. She even did not sleep well. And by her affection and nurture I was quite well in the morning. She made be breakfast and then she went for her work. It was so pleasing to see such a humble and kind nature of her. 
I will never forget this experience in life.