mansi singh

The kind soul

 Guest Story
My grandfather is 73 years old he is always active. Going for walks in the morning, watering plants in the garden, he just loves life. One day while watering plants as usual he fainted. My father rushed him to the hospital.
Because everything happened in the early hours of the morning, there wasn't a single doctor at the nearest hospital. Upon reaching the hospital, the staff immediately called up Dr. Bhanu Jain. He was soon in the hospital and took to attend my grandpa immediately.All this while my grandpa was in a very critical condition. My father was mad at the doctor for not being in the hospital. He said, "what took you so long, my father is lying unconscious here,someone's life is at stake here the least you can do is be punctual." The doctor was very polite he didn't even say a word. He immediately got some tests done and it was found out that my grandpa had a blood clot in his brain. 
The doctor said that it wasn't  essential to immediately get a surgery done and there was nothing to worry about, some medicines could do the trick and dissolve the clot.The doctor put grandpa on some medicines and IV immediately. He then assured my father that grandpa would be all right soon and quickly left for home. 
After the doctor had left the staff informed my father that doctor Bhanu's daughter got married last night and when they called for him the essential ceremony of bidaai was going on, but he left everything to save the life of my grandpa,this left my father speechless and he regretted saying those harsh words to the doctor then.Doctor Bhanu indeed was a kind soul. My grandpa has been healthy ever since.  
Riya Sharma.