A new life saved

A little baby was found in the garbage area near a slum. The baby had become blue wid d effect of weder on him as he had been der since morning and was discovered only in the late evening. A group of people rushed the baby to the nearest government hospitals.
Although government hospitals are often regarded as the most irresponsible and carefree in the perspective of the patients but that day was exceptional.
As soon as the baby was brought to the emergency a young lady doctor of about 30 years or so, took charge of the scene and she began curing the child.
She was so rapid yet careful and could easily diagnose that the child had got pale and blue because of lack of oxygen. She quickly ordered her team a couple of vaccines and an oxygen cylinder.
After about 2 hours, the child gained stability and was thus shifted to the general ward for further treatment.
The credit for the survival goes to the doctor who had the right aptitude required for the situation. Thus becoming a saviour to a new life